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Accel Lifetime sets a new standard for performance in multi-nutrient supplements for horses. The range of benefits possible with Accel Lifetime will come as a very pleasant surprise to many horseowners.

Lifetime provides:

Everything in Vita Flex Accel, the comprehensive vitamin/mineral/amino acid/microbial supplement favored by top riders, vets, and rescue groups.

GlutaSyn, a breakthrough milk serum isolate patented for support of immune response and the fundamental antioxidant, glutathione (GSH).

Greatly increased antioxidant support: twice the vitamin E and selenium of regular Accel, and four times the vitamin C.

All-new direct-fed microbial/yeast complex, including Saccharomyces cerevisiae, for significantly greater activity and enzyme yield.

Better Nutrition, Better Lifetimes Over a horse's lifetime, the state of antioxidant and immune defenses will be a vital factor in the quality of life and performance. Scientists are finding new ways to support these important guardians of health. Accel Lifetime applies recent discoveries in antioxidant nutrition and immunology to give horses an unprecedented level of comprehensive nutritional support.

For the Whole Horse Accel Lifetime was developed with the whole horse in mind. It provides a full, balanced spectrum of essential nutrients in an easy daily supplement fortified with GlutaSyn, enhanced antioxidant levels, and an all-new microbial and yeast culture complex. The first goal of Accel Lifetime is to apply recent discoveries to give horses better-than-ever lifetime nutrition. The second is to give horse owners a new kind of tool in the quest for optimum overall condition.

Vita Flex Accel: A Time-Tested Foundation Accel Lifetime is built on Accel, a favorite for years with some of America's best trainers, riders, and veterinarians. This unusually comprehensive formula of 44 guaranteed nutrients benefits from over ten years of development of the original Accel formula. It's a solid, balanced foundation of essential nutrient support. Additional vitamin/mineral supplements are generally not recommended. Electrolytes and/or macro minerals may be added as needed. Accel Lifetime is made to be compatible with virtually any feeding program. Whether you need an easy one-step supplement, help for stressed horses, or support for peak performance, this supplement is an ideal choice that is simple and rewarding to feed.

Full Spectrum Vitamins with Essential Trace and Macro Minerals Accel Lifetime supplies all of the recognized water and fat soluble vitamins, including a full spectrum B complex with choline, for complete support of the vitamin needs of most horses. Just as important as vitamins for total nutrition, dietary mineral levels and balance are key factors for successful breeding, sound growth, and good health in mature horses. Research has led many experts to recommend balanced supplementation. Proper balance is crucial to ensure proper absorption and utilization of minerals in the horse's body. Accel Lifetime supplies zinc and copper in the recommended 3 to 1 ratio, with iron, manganese and cobalt. These vital minerals are supplied in chelated form for more rapid and complete absorption. Selenium and iodine are supplied in readily absorbed conventional forms. Accel� also supplies five balanced macro minerals to fortify your basic feeding program. Calcium and phosphorus are included at modest levels in the ideal 1.4 to 1 ratio, along with magnesium, potassium and sulfur.

Synergistic Antioxidant Support Feeding several antioxidants together is usually more effective than feeding high levels of a single antioxidant. Horses may have a higher risk for antioxidant deficiencies, in part because they often depend on hay rather than forage as a dietary mainstay. To get vitamin A, horses need the fat-soluble antioxidant beta carotene. But this carotene and others are rapidly lost after hay is cut, as is most of the vitamin E content. Accel Lifetime more than meets the challenge by teaming a potent blend of essential antioxidants with support nutrients. Together they extend the patented GSH-enhancing action of GlutaSyn. This means lower cost for you, broader antioxidant nutrition for your horse, and benefits not usually expected from a vitamin/mineral supplement.

High Quality Amino Acid Profile Accel Lifetime contains eighteen guaranteed amino acids, including all of the essentials, including lysine and methionine, the two essential amino acids most often lacking in equine diets. Also rich in undenatured cysteine, glutamine, and the energy-producing branched chain amino acid, leucine, Accel Lifetime enhances capacity for protein synthesis with negligible impact on total crude protein.

New Microbial & Yeast Blend The horse's digestive tract works best with a light, steady flow of food. This naturally encourages beneficial intestinal microflora. Stall feeding causes incomplete digestion and substantial waste. Our all-new MicroMax� direct-fed microbial/yeast complex is our best formula yet. It is rich in natural intestinal microbes plus well-researched Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, for significantly greater activity and enzyme yield.

Fundamental Antioxidant Nutrition Supports Immune Response Introduced in the United States in the fall of 1999, GlutaSyn's patented antioxidant and immunological support is helping horses, and confirming in the "real world" what science has reported for twenty years. How does it work? By chance, medical researcher Dr. Gustavo Bounous discovered that feeding a special milk isolate to laboratory animals could improve their immune response. Dr. Bounous and colleagues found the immune cells had higher levels of the "master antioxidant," GSH (glutathione). Eventually it was learned that unpasteurized milk contains fragile proteins and dipeptides that give extra support for GSH production in the cells.

Research to Production: Putting the Discovery to Work for Horses Research in peer-reviewed international journals of surgery, immunology, nutrition, and physiology demonstrates the unique benefits of undenatured milk serum isolate in animal and human diets. Scientists and technicians working with Dr. Bounous perfected the concentration and purity of a lactose-free product. Made with a patented ultra lenient, minimal pasteurization process, ImmuSyn offers animals of all ages these special benefits of pure mother's milk. ImmuSyn has earned three U.S. Patents and one Canadian patent.* The unique milk serum isolate of GlutaSyn continues to be the subject of active research with humans and animals. Each 2 ounce serving of Accel Lifetime delivers 7 grams of GlutaSyn.

Recommended Feeding For intensive training or performance, or during breeding, gestation and lactation or stress: 2 ounces (2 scoops) daily. For mature horses, idle to moderate activity, feed 1 to 2 ounces (1 to 2 scoops) daily. For weanlings and yearlings, start at � ounce daily and gradually increase according to body weight. Increase feeding of large breeds proportionately according to body weight in excess of 1,000 pounds. A 1 ounce scoop is enclosed.

Guaranteed analysis, minimum:


Parts Per Million
Percent of Product/

Amount Per Pound



8,554 mg



7,508 mg



6,125 mg



5,919 mg



5,627 mg



5,616 mg

Aspartic acid


5,592 mg



4,457 mg



3,922 mg



3,853 mg



3,432 mg






2,401 mg



2,134 mg



2,020 mg



1,962 mg



1,873 mg



1,646 mg

Calcium - min.


18,182 mg

Calcium - max.


21,819 mg



13,730 mg



6,831 mg



9,278 mg


6,893 ppm

3,127 mg


5,688 ppm

2,580 mg


1,323 ppm

600 mg


1,102 ppm

500 mg


441 ppm

200 mg


22 ppm

10 mg


22 ppm

10 mg

Selenium (2x Accel)

18 ppm

8 mg

Vitamin A


100,000 IU

Vitamin D3


20,000 mg

Vitamin E (2x Accel)


8,000 IU

Vitamin C (8x Accel)


4,000 mg

Vitamin K (menadione)


4 mg

Folic acid


80 mg

Thiamine mononitrate (B1)


229 mg

Riboflavin (B2)


100 mg

Niacin (B3)


505 mg

d-Pantothenic acid (B5)


200 mg

Pyridoxine HCL (B6)


249 mg

Vitamin B12


3 mg



8 mg

Choline chloride


2,864 mg

Direct-Fed Microbials Guaranteed analysis:

Mixed Lactic Acid Bacteria

3.69 x 106 CFU/gm

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

9.92 x 106 CFU/gm

Enzymes Guaranteed analysis:

Amylase activity, min.

0.625 CMC units/lb

Protease activity, min.

60 HUT/ lb

Cellulase activity, min.

10 BAU/lb


Each 2 ounce serving of Accel Lifetime delivers 7 grams of GlutaSyn, a unique milk serum isolate patented for immune and antioxidant support in animals.


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