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EQ Plus


Does your horse have?

» Ongoing inflammatory problems associated with training or competition?

» Recurrent joint, tendon or muscle conditions of variable degrees?

» A high level of dependence on various medications signaling uncontrolled inflammatory problems?

» A need for overall health support and inflammation management due to high levels of stress?


Veterinary Formulated. Research Supported. Clinically Utilized.


Cur-OST® EQ Plus Performance Formula

Uses Patented BCM-95® Curcumin in enhanced levels to:

Combat higher levels of inflammation in the competitive horse by blocking key enzyme pathways.

Manage stiffness associated with stress of competition and training.

Restore and support cellular health with antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin E and CoQ10

Support tissue health, joints, immune health

Enhance performance and recovery.

The ONLY Equine Supplement utilizing the POWER of Curcumin For the Performance Horse.

FACT:  The performance horse is more prone to damage from chronic inflammation due to inherent risk associated with training, competing and other stressors.  This inflammation contributes to injuries, joint damage, tendon injuries and decreased performance.

SOLUTION: Combat the inflammation and control it daily while providing an overall horse supplement and joint supplement in ONE formula. Restore soundness, enhance recovery and performance by impacting the WHOLE horse, not JUST the joints.

HOW:  Curcumin has been demonstrated in research to inhibit inflammation more completely than traditional therapies, by blocking key enzyme pathways that contribute to the release of many inflammatory proteins that are involved in pain, immune compromise and tissue degeneration. By combining Curcumin with Boswellia and vital antioxidants, we are able to inhibit inflammation effectively while supporting overall cellular health and recovery for the performance horse.


Cur-OST® EQ Plus GTF formula provides moderate levels of anti-inflammatory support plus antioxidants, cardiovascular and immune support for the performing athlete! 

Ideal For:

·         prevention and management of higher levels of inflammation

·         associated with competition, training or many conditions including arthritis, laminitis, and navicular syndrome.

Chronic inflammation is a major concern for all horses, especially the competing athlete.  Why use multiple equine health supplements plus separate joint supplements, when you can get complete protection by combating inflammation at its source?  Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements are beneficial but do little to reduce inflammation, instead, they are replacing what is being lost as a result. 


Manage Joint, Tendon And Overall Health With The Cur-OST® EQ Plus!


For Added Tendon or Immune Support:  Combine Cur-OST® EQ Plus with Cur-Ost EQ Immune & Repair


Added Overall Support and Recovery:  Combine Cur-OST® EQ Plus with Cur-Ost EQ Nourish


The Cur-OST® line of products utilize the finest herbs, vitamins, and minerals that have been scientifically researched and clinically proven to inhibit the inflammation associated with many disorders as well as support the immune system. With our high-grade formulations and blends, you can trust that you are getting the best product nature provides.

Cur-OST® EQ Plus formula contains:

·         Curcumin (BCM-95®): Research supported and clinically proven to combat inflammation and pain as well as provide secondary antioxidant support, primarily through down regulation of NF-kB and upregulation of NRF-2. BCM-95® is a patented curcumin extract containing volatile oils from the Turmeric root to enhance absorption up to 7x that of normal curcumin.

·         Boswellia serrata 65%: Research support and clinically proven to reduce inflammation by impacting the 5-LOX pathway, which acts synergistically with curcumin for enhanced results.

·         Mushroom Blend: Enhances immune health and energy

·         Vitamin C: Potent antioxidant for immune health and tissue repair

·         Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols): Potent antioxidant for overall cellular health

·         CoQ10: Potent antioxidant for energy production and cardiovascular support

·         Alfalfa Herb: Source of protein, vitamins/minerals in their natural form



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