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Glänzen 3 

"Glänzen 3 is the finishing touch
that keeps Rocher fit for
world class dressage competition."

George Williams & Rocher 2003

"Hoof, Coat & Attitude...!"

Glänzen Works Like 3 Products in One!

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Natural Source of Essential Fatty Acids, Biotin, B-Complex Vitamins, Organic Trace Minerals & More!

At last, a product for hoof, coat, skin and general health--one product with multiple benefits!

  1. Help For Skin & Coat Problems with Maximum Omega-3: 
    Customers have found that when they used the combination of BioFlax Ultra and the popular Nutra-Flax products in combination, their horses simply glowed--that healthy looking shine that comes from within.  With each 6 ounce feeding you get over 4 full ounces or our popular Nutra-Flax Enhanced food-grade flaxseed.! 

  2. An Unparalleled Hoof/Biotin Product:  
    Perhaps you've seen or even tried BioFlax Ultra, a product called the Ultimate Biotin Supplement.  If you have, you know that without a doubt, it is the best hoof product on the market. The components of BioFlax Ultra are incorporated right into this new multi-use product.  It also contains Zinpro brand organic trace minerals--zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt amino acid complexes. 

  3. B-Complex Vitamins (a "Stress Pack"):
    The combination is improved even further by adding a healthy shot of B-Complex vitamins!  In addition to the 30 mg of Biotin you get all eight of the B vitamins:  Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, and Biotin...  A full complement of B-complex vitamins--a built in "stress pack"!  

The resulting product is called Glänzen--a German term meaning shiny, brilliant, or glowing. That's what your horse will do--glow!

You get the performance of three products in one easy to feed supplement--Glänzen takes care of hoof problems, skin and coat problems plus all the good that comes with an extra shot of B-Complex vitamins!!

Why Glänzen works so well...

Why Your Horse Needs Omega-3 Fatty Acids...

Omega -3 is great for your horse--in fact Omega-3 is good for you too!  Many people routinely supplement Omega-3 fatty acids into their own diets (please don't eat Glänzen yourself--it's made for horses).  

Most people say that Horsetech's flax based diets have made remarkable, and noticeable, changes in their horse's skin and coat condition, allergic dermatitis conditions, healing time, ability to maintain weight, energy, improved demeanor and just plain improved general health status.  

Hey, it's loaded with natural antioxidants too!!!  

An article published in the June 2000 issue of Horse Journal (formerly Michael Plumb's Horse Journal) indicated the following health benefits of flaxseed:

Food Grade Full-Fat Milled Flaxseed Base

A Superior and Natural Source of Omega 3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids that DOES NOT require refrigeration

Glänzen utilizes a food grade (Over 99% Pure!) enzyme active milled flaxseed as a base.   In fact, over 70% of the total product is comprised of food-grade milled flaxseed.  The flaxseed utilized is both unique and nutritive with 60% of the oil present being the highly desirable Omega 3!  Unique in that the naturally occurring oil is carried within the meal.  There's no greasy film, or oily appearance and the product stays fresh and usable much longer than ordinary flaxseed meal might!   A proven high-speed micronizing process is utilized to process the meal making the flax seed even more suitable for equine use. Expected shelf life is in excess of six months!  The product carries a naturally fresh and  palatable aroma--there's no artificial or masking aroma needed here.  Your horses will love it!   Great for the hair coat, great for the hooves and more.

Organic Trace Mineral Complexes from Zinpro® Corp.

Each six-ounce serving of Glänzen contains the full recommended daily dosage of Zinpro® brand Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Cobalt Amino Acid Complexes. These "organic" or "chelated" complexes offer excellent bio-availability insuring that the trace mineral are there for your horse when needed--especially during times of stress!  Zinpro® Corporation is a world class supplier of metal amino acid complexes--for twenty years Horstech has relied upon their expertise and broad base of credible research.  The quality ingredients from Zinpro® are offered with pride.

The Right Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio

Flaxseed is great for horses, but it does have an naturally inverted calcium to phosphorus ratio--it has more phosphorus than calcium.  Horses require a total diet with a calcium to phosphorus ratio in the 1.3:1 range.  So, a touch of high quality calcium carbonate is added --  just enough to bring the calcium to phosphorus ratio into balance.  When you add Glänzen to your horse's diet you'll find it to be a perfect fit with your calcium to phosphorus ratio.   It doesn't take much--just a bit of high grade calcium carbonate.

Lysine, Methionine plus Vitamin E

Glänzen offers 100% more Biotin than many hoof/biotin supplements, AND it also offers the additional benefits of supplemental Lysine and Methionine.  These are essential amino acids, and Glänzen is an excellent source supplying 6,500 mg of Methionine and 1,500 mg of Lysine per six-ounce feeding.  These essential amino acids are sometimes deficient in equine diets.  Also, a useful helping of Vitamin E (800 IU per lb.) is added.

B-Complex Vitamins

Glänzen provides a healthy complement of B-Complex vitamins which are known to have a beneficial effect on skin and/or coat condition.  Your horses will receive a substantial dose of niacin, riboflavin (B2), pantothenic acid, thiamine (B1),Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 with each daily feeding.  That's in addition to the 30 mg of Biotin that each 6 ounce feeding will provide!

Easy to Feed

It's simple!  Most horses love the flaxseed meal and yeast culture base that is used in this Glänzen product.  You select the feeding rate depending on the needs of each particular horse.  Six ounces (three small scoops)  would be considered a standard dose, providing the full 30 mg biotin and the maximum daily recommended dose of the Zinpro brand organic trace minerals ("chelated").  Do not exceed the maximum recommended feeding rate of six (6) ounces per horse, per day.  Horses with less severe hoof or skin/coat conditions may respond very well to smaller daily feedings of four (4) or even two (2) ounces. 

Introduce Glänzen into the diet gradually working up to the desired feeding rate over a period of 10 to 14  days.  Do not exceed six ounces (three level scoops) per horse, daily.

Just add Glänzen on top of the daily grain ration and your horse will do the rest!  If your horse is an "easy keeper" and weight gain is a concern, you can cut you grain back a bit to compensate for the calories provided by the Glänzen.  Generally, Glänzen will provide about 1.75 times as much energy (calories) as a similar feeding of oats.

Excellent Value, Great Price!

Glänzen offers more for your money!   It's even less expensive than trying to combine the BioFlax Ultra with Nutra-Flax, or  the B-Plex!  So, not only is it convenient, it will save you money too!  

Some popular farrier's products provide less than 10 mg of Biotin per 6 ounce serving at a cost that's greater than Glänzen's daily feeding cost and Glänzen provides a full 30 mg of biotin, PLUS the omega-3, B-Complex, Vitamin E, "chelated" trace minerals.....  

Glänzen is an excellent value and it is unconditionally guaranteed! (with the exception of custom products with added Selenium, which are not refundable)



Nutrient Product
Provided per six-ounce serving Provided per four-ounce serving Provided per two-ounce serving
Crude Protein (Min) 18.00% 30.6 g  20.4 g 10.2 g
Crude Fat (Min) 28.00% 47.7 g 31.8 g 15.9 g
Alpha Linolenic Acid--Omega-3 (Min) 15.00% 25.5 g 17.0 g 8.5 g
Crude Fiber 18.00% 37.5 g  25.0g 12.5  g
Biotin (Min) 80 mg/lb 30 mg** 20 mg** 10 mg**
Zinc (Min) Zinpro® Organic 2,100 PPM 360 mg 240 mg 120 mg
Copper (Min) Zinpro® Organic 725 PPM 125 mg  83.3 mg 41.7 mg
Manganese (Min) Zinpro® Organic  1,152 PPM 195.8 130.5 mg 65.3 mg
Methionine (Min) 3.82% 6,500 mg 4,333 mg  2,166 mg
Lysine (Min) 0.55% 1,500 mg 1,000 mg 500 mg
Vitamin E (Min)  800 IU/lb 300 IU  200 IU 100 IU
Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio 1.3:1 1.3:1 1.3:1 1.3:1

** Some popular hoof care products supply less than 6 mg of Biotin per serving!

Full-Fat Milled Flaxseed (Food Grade), Yeast Culture, Biotin Supplement, DL-Methionine, L-Lysine Monohydrochloride, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Vitamin E Supplement, Niacinamide, Riboflavin Supplement, Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Vitamin B12 supplement,  Calcium Pantothenate, Zinc Amino Acid Complex, Manganese Amino Acid Complex, Copper Amino Acid Complex, Cobalt Glucoheptonate, Calcium Carbonate

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Relaxation Music for Horses For Equine Well-Being,Composed by Janet Marlow




12 lbs (resealable foil pouch)  $50.30  (Regularly $ 52.95)  (ships via USPS)

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25 lbs (plastic pail) $94.95  (Regularly  $ 99.95)

40 lbs (sewn bag)      $135.80  (Regularly $142.95)

60 kg (132.3 lbs) Sturdy fiber drum. $424.60  (Regularly $446.95)

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Sizes and Prices
Special Instructions:

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