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Best for Horses that have access to Fresh Pasture

If on hay-only diets, consider Reitsport HA-100 Lite Complete


Great for Easy Keepers, Picky Eaters & Lighter Breeds!

ReitSport HA-100 Lite is a convenient and effective product that combines the components of the popular Glanzen Lite and HylaSport products (plus a complete probiotic package). This "lighter" version of the standard ReitSport HA-100 product gives you all the performance in a more compact and readily accepted product. 

What is Different?

When you compare our ReitSport HA-100 Lite product to the standard version (ReitSport HA-100) you will find two notable differences.

1.)  A smaller 4 ounce serving that provides 3 ounces of flax:  This compares to the larger 6 ounce serving for the standard ReitSport HA-100 product.  When you feed six ounces of the standard ReitSport HA-100 product you will be providing 4 ounces of flax.  So, by choosing the Lite version, you'll be feeding an ounce less flax (25% reduction in calories).  Still, most clients find that 3 ounces of flax provides excellent results--and, you're providing almost 18 grams of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids.

2.)  Reduced Levels of Organic Trace Minerals:  Originally the Lite product versions were developed to help accommodate the "picky eater".  By reducing the trace mineral content, the Lite versions are more appealing to the picky eaters. The mineral level is approximately 1/7th the level found in Reitsport HA-100 and Reitsport HA-100 Complete.

What Stays the Same?

Other than the two minor differences outlined above, ReitSport HA-100 Lite and ReitSport HA-100 are virtually identical.  When you compare serving vs. serving (4 oz. vs. 6 oz.) you'll see that a serving of either will provide all of the critical ingredients in identical amounts.  For example, each serving will provide 30 mg of Biotin, 10,000 mg of Glucosamine, 2,000 mg of Chondroitin, and 10 grams of MSM, etc...  These products also share identical B-complex and probiotic supplementation.

What about the Pricing?

You'll notice that the PACKAGE prices for the Lite version are higher than the standard product.  But, if you do some quick math you'll see that your cost per day is LOWER with the Lite version.  Given that the product is more concentrated, there are significantly more servings per package as compared to the original ReitSport HA-100 product.  For example a 20 lb. pail of ReitSport HA-100 contains 53 x 6 ounce servings compared to a 20 lb. pail of ReitSport HA-100 Lite which will provide 80 x 4 ounce servings.  So, a pail of the Lite product will last almost a month longer!  Truly, your cost per day will be less with the Lite version.


ReitSport HA-100 Lite carries the same complete satisfaction guarantee that you've enjoyed with all of our other great products.  If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of this product, you will receive a 100% refund--no hassles! (Products with added selenium are customized products and are non-refundable)


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Horsetech, Inc.

12 lbs  (Resealable Pouch)  48 4-oz servings    SALE!  $150.05  (Regularly $157.95) (ships via USPS) 

20 lbs  (Pail)  80 4-oz servings  SALE!  $234.60  (Regularly $246.95)    

40 lbs  (Sewn bag)  160 4-oz servings    $424.60  (Regularly $446.95) 

60 kg Drum (132.3 lbs)  529 4-oz servings    $1333.75  (Regularly $1403.95) 

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