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Stop the Pain
Safe and Affordable Alternative to Bute

Real Pain Relief, Real Fast


Stop The Pain proves to be a safe and affordable alternative to bute. A 1 ounce dose of Stop The Pain is equal to 2.0 grams of Phenylbutazone with a cost-to-benefit ratio that is unbeatable.

Using Devil's Claw Extract for pain relief and Yucca Extract as an anti-inflammatory, Stop The Pain is completely natural so you can continue to use it for as long as needed without the risk of gastric upset or ulcers forming.

No side effects have been associated with Stop The Pain use.

Guaranteed effective!


Ingredients: Vitamin B-12, Bio-Flavonoids, Devil's Claw,  Yucca Extract, Boswellia Serrata, Water, Dextrose, Natural and Artificial flavoring.

Katy, from Texas, had this to say...
"Stop the Pain (STP) has been a godsend for my mare. She developed severe arthritis in one fetlock over the years, but kept up with the herd and her job until last winter, when she started dropping weight and was obviously hurting. I had the joint x-rayed and was a dismayed to see the extent of the damage.  It was suggested she be put down sooner rather than later. This little mare has a great attitude and personality....I knew she would never be sound or be ridden again, but I was not ready to end her life.  I decided just to try a daily maintenance dose of STP, and it has worked beautifully.  She is comfortable enough to stay with the herd in their home pasture, and maintain her weight.  She is a bit slower, and does not join in their gallops/bucking/playing like she used to do, but is happy and enjoying life.  They come in every morning, and she easily takes her daily dose (either the liquid with a bit of grain or the tube dose).  There will come a time when she can no longer sustain herself comfortably, but I am very happy to have found a way for her to stay with the herd for a bit longer."  

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Stop the Pain (shipped via UPS)

One Quart        $33.95     32 one-ounce servings
TWO quarts     $55.95     68 one-ounce servings 
Gallon               $88.95   128 one-ounce servings 
Four Gallons   $282.95   512 one-ounce servings 
 Stop the Pain Paste Tubes  -- One Case (6 Tubes, 6 doses per tube)  $74.95
All sizes are shipped free via FedEx** see below
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** Stop the Pain is shipped within two business days of your order via FedEx. Shipping is free anywhere within the continental U.S.  FedEx shipping to Hawaii or Alaska requires additional shipping costs. Sorry, international shipping is not available. Please email  or call 214-257-0505 before ordering for a shipping quote to these areas.

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