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Whole Chia Seed. Non-GMO, Grown and Free of Pesticides/Herbicides. 

US Chia is committed to providing high-quality, American grown chia seeds to promote health and performance. Chia seeds provide a wide range of nutritional benefits. They contain some of the highest concentrations of soluble fiber and omega 3s, which horses have trouble getting enough of if they are not consuming large amounts of fresh pasture.

These chia seeds are grown in the US. Most chia seeds that are sold in the US are imported from South America and Australia. US Chia works closely with farmers to ensure that they know how and where the seeds are produced, cleaned and stored. They are able to eliminate the middle-men along the way. Not only does this allow for high-quality, traceable products, but it reduces chia's environmental impact and enables the availability of an affordable American-made product. (If you would like information on farmers, email

Abundance and diversity of nutrients

  1. Chia seeds are a high naturally occurring source of Omega-3 fatty acids, with the proper 3:1 ratio of Omega-3s to Omega-6s. 
  2. Chia seeds are a rich source of Vitamin B, with a higher niacin content than corn, rice, and even soy. Its thiamine and riboflavin content is similar corn and rice.
  3. Chia seeds are a great source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and copper.
  4. Chia seeds contain the mineral boron, which facilitates the absorption of calcium.

Anti-inflammatory properties

  1. Chia's powerful anti-inflammatory properties boost the immune system, can reduce symptoms of arthritis, and aid in recovery from strenuous exercise. 
  2. The Omega-3s in chia seeds can ease mare cycles and estrus inflammation, and are essential to the proper development of a fetus's brain and nervous system. 
  3. Chia's Omega-3s can reduce the severity and occurrence of laminitis. 

Colic and ulcer prevention

  1. Chia seeds are 40% fiber. They have a higher concentration of soluble fiber (27%) than wheat, oats, and flax, and can be used as an alternative to psyllium. 
  2. Chia seeds form a mucilage-type gel when exposed to water, which aids the prevention of colic and ulcers by trapping and passing sand and other debris through the digestive system. 

  3. Chia's water retention (as a mucilage gel) increases its volume by 12X. For comparison, 
psyllium increases by 10X and flax seeds by 6X.

Hydrates and retains electrolyte balance

Because chia seeds absorb 12X their weight in water, they keep horses hydrated longer and help retain electrolytes.

Healthier, glossy coat

The omega 3s help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Quality protein source

Chia seeds have more protein (19-23%) than cereal grains.

Longer shelf-life

  1. Chia is proven to withstand extremes of -20 to 110 degrees F. The natural abundance of antioxidants stabilize the vitamins, minerals and fats.
  2. Chia seeds have a 5-year shelf life without going rancid, unlike corn oil, wheat germ oil, and other fat supplements that can quickly become rancid if exposed to heat, air, or light.

Anti-allergic properties

    Chia seeds can help with both summer itch and mosquito hypersensitivity.

    Feeding Directions:

    Chia seeds can be consumed daily, fed raw (unmilled), and they can be easily mixed in with your horse's feed. Higher daily doses help with digestive issues and colic prevention. A scoop is 1.8oz (50g) of seeds. Typically, horses will consume 4-5 lb. of seeds per month. Recommended feeding:  1 scoop per 400 lbs of body weight as a treatment; 1 scoop daily for maintenance.  Note: Best to add water prior to feeding.  

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    US Chia

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