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Ration Plus

To restore the digestive system, a healthy environment for the growth of beneficial microflora must be maintained. When fed daily, Ration Plus' unique formula (a liquid lactobacillus fermentation product) safely maintains an environment for beneficial digestive microorganisms.

Your horse has better access to a full array of nutrients thanks to a natural and healthy balance of microorganisms.

Ration Plus is the most advanced equine dietary supplement on the market today. Veterinarians around the world report that this revolutionary formula safely and effectively maintains maximum digestive efficiency.

* Low weight
* Ulcers and colic
* Decreased stamina
* Increased stress
* Poor haircoat and hooves
* Poor appetite

Ration Plus keeps healthy horses healthy. It relieves and prevents the depletion of beneficial intestinal bacteria brought on from travel, competition and breeding. And, it is especially helpful for those situations where a new feed or hay is introduced to the horse's diet by protecting the hind gut microbes.

Ration Plus is safe for all horses in every stage of life, including foals and pregnant or lactating mares. Ration Plus is drug free and can be fed to competiting horses. Ration Plus is safe to handle and harmless to the environment.


Here is some background:

Modern day management practices of stabling and twice per day feedings, high concentrate diets, travel, breeding and competition, can all jeopardize the health of a horse. The horse's digestive tract is very vulnerable to stress and is one of the main contributors to health problems. The horse's digestive tract can be negatively affected by any one or all of the stressors modern day horses are subject to every day. Ration Plus provides the digestive environment necessary to maintain the important balance of the digestive microflora. The importance of these microorganisms and the balance of their populations cannot be overemphasized Their functions are many and complex, but generally include the following:
1. An antagonistic or inhibitory effect on actual or potential pathogenic microbes that cause digestive disturbances.
2. A role in the development of digestive tract cells that are involved with the immune response.
3. The production of digestive enzymes which are essential in the breakdown of ingested foods.

The physiological make-up of the horse is much more fragile and less forgiving than that of any other domesticated animal. Shifts in digestive microbial populations can be devastating and even fatal. Ration Plus encourages a healthy environment for the establishment of the vital balance of beneficial digestive microorganisms. In short, Ration Plus will maximize digestive efficiency and reduce the probability of digestive disturbances in horses.

These customers have this to say:

I have a retired thoroughbred race horse and he lost drastic amounts of weight after three months of being purchased. It took most of the summer, but once we started using the Ration Plus product, it quickly got him on the road to recovery! He's doing great and this winter is not bothering him a bit w/losing weight. I can tell he feels good and he looks good, coat nice and full and, even his eyes look good!! Can't go wrong w/Ration Plus!!                    Jo, Pennsylvania

Just wanted to tell you we have used Ration Plus for a New Zealand TB for 24 years. He's now 38 years old and he looks like a teenager. He bucks, rolls, does flying lead changes across his paddock and get all the 8, 10, and 12 year olds going at the farm. Part of his daily feeding has always been Ration Plus. Thanks so much for your help in keeping him healthy and happy.           Diane

Directions: Add 1 tsp of Ration Plus to a full grown horse's daily ration.  Apply directly on hay or feed.  One 16 ounce bottle will supplement one horse for approximately 80 to 90 days (1 tsp per day).  During particularly stressful situations, change of feed, or for horses that are underweight, I recommend feeding 1 Tablespoon per day until results are achieved.  Then, a maintenance dose of 1 Teaspoon is fine each day.  Shake the bottle well before using.  It can be stored in cold and hot temperatures without any problem.  Shelf life is one year.

Active Ingredients: Liquid lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, calcium proprionate, sodium benzoate and phosphoric acid as a preservative.

Ration Plus is a non-viable microbial fermentation by-product. It is derived by culturing Lactobacillus Acidophilus in a nutrient media.


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**  Ration Plus is shipped by U.S. Postal Service (for one bottle) or by UPS (two or more bottles) within 2 days of your order.  Free Shipping is within the continental U.S.  Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and other international locations is calculated separately. Please email or call 214-257-0505 for exact shipping costs to these locations


Both are low in %NSC -- perfect for all horses and especially those that need to be on a low sugar/low starch feeding regimen.

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Chemical guaranteed analysis (% by weight)
Minimum crude protein: 5.0%
Minimum crude fat: 0.5%
Maximum crude fiber: 1.3%
Maximum ash: 7.0%
Minimum dry matter: 22.8%
Maximum water: 77.2%

Minerals (minimum % by weight)
Iron ( Fe ): 0.45%
Copper ( Cu ): 0.22%
Zinc ( Zn ): 0.17%
Manganese ( Mn ): 0.11%
Magnesium ( Mg ): 0.03%
Selenium ( Se ): 0.0036%
Cobalt ( Co ): 0.001%

Vitamins (minimum % by weight or I.U./ml)
Vitamin D: 270 I.U./ml
Vitamin E: 0.36 I.U./ml
Thiamine: 0.054%
Riboflavin: 0.099%
Panthothenic acid: 0.126%
Niacin: 0.250%
Pyridoxine: 0.250%
Vitamin B12: 0.00027%

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