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Listen to Dr. Getty

(Most recordings below are free of charge, except where noted)


TeleSeminars sponsored by The Evolution of Animal Healthcare:


** Honoring How Our Horse Are Made

(MP3 format) -- approximately 70 minutes


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** A Nutritional Perspective in Getting Ready for Winter

(MP3 format) -- approximately 65 minutes


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** March 24, 2011 -- Preparing for Spring: the best nutritional approaches

(MP3 format) -- approximately 75 minutes


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The Horse Show with Rick Lamb


Dr. Juliet M. Getty, author of Feed Your Horse Like A Horse


Live Radio Interview (best heard via Real Player), Available on Rick Lambís website:  Approximately 30 minutes


Or   CLICK HERE to listen    (Note: Dr. Getty's Interview is the second one within the hour period. You can fast-forward to Minute 27:00 to start) 



Feed Your Horse Like A Horse -- Feeding Fundamentals


Live Podcast: Episode 32 of "Horsing Around", hosted by Audrey Pavia, can be heard at Pet Life Radio:


CLICK HERE to listen (MP3 format; approximately 30 minutes)




The Getty Equine Nutrition Corner, Inside the Barn




   Regular interviews by Brian Allmer: Barn OnAir & OnLine 24/7/365



   ** Beware of Fall Pasture -- Laminitis Risk Increases!

   ** Avoid Stress through Proper Feeding

   ** Keeping Horses Warm through Winter's Chill

   ** Consider Beet Pulp Instead of Oats!

   ** Interpreting Your Hay Analysis Report

   ** Laminitis -- Sugar is not the Cause!

                                                                                  ** Selenium -- When and When Not to Supplement?

                                                                                  ** Help Prevent an EHV Outbreak by Protecting Your Horse's Immune Function

                                                                                  ** Three Not-So-Common Myths

                                                                                  ** Feeding the Severely Neglected Rescue Horse

                                                                                  ** Free-Choice Forage Feeding -- Beyond he Basics

                                                                                  ** Don't Let Your Horse Develop an Ulcer! 


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TeleSeminars on Nutrition Topics that Concern You Series


* Aging (also available in print version

* Water/Salt/Electrolytes

* Joints

* Colic

* Ingredients and Hay Analysis 

* Easy Keeper (also available in print version)

* Hard Keeper

* Laminitis (also available in print version)

* Ulcers

* Supplements

* Winter 

* Behavior

* Whole Foods (also available in print version)

* Allergies

* Fat

* Digestion

* Cushing's

Cost: $15


The recorded events are available for listening and download. For details and to register,  go to:



Check back frequently for upcoming recordings!

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