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"Understanding and Avoiding Colic"

Previously recorded November 17, 2011. Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

As your horse transitions to winter, there are demands placed on his digestive system that can lead to problems. Decreased water consumption can cause dehydration colic. Changing from fresh grass to hay can lead to impactions. Increased stall confinement can increase ulcers risk. In fact, change of any kind can lead to digestive upset. With the “season of changes” underway, Dr. Getty’s November teleseminar takes aim at the causes and prevention of colic.


Any horse can succumb to colic. This teleseminar will help you avoid potential disaster and heartache.  Your horse would say that you can’t afford to miss it. He’s right.

The TeleSeminar emphasizes:

Dr. Getty spends an hour covering all of the above teleseminar topics, while answering the pre-submitted questions. As she goes through each question, additional information is interspersed so every listener benefits from the answer. 

At the end of the hour, the floor was opened up for any additional questions.


Register Here for the previously recorded Teleseminar: "Understanding and Avoiding Colic":

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