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Supplements - Making the Right Choice


Older horses. Competing horses. Lactating mares and weekend warriors. Youngsters with budding careers. All are candidates for supplements. Or are they? Are supplements effective? Is there danger in overlapping or over-supplementing? Are supplements worth the expense? When are they appropriate, and when not? What does research reveal about them?

The Teleseminar will emphasize:

Dr. Getty spends an hour covering all of the above teleseminar topics, while answering the pre-submitted questions. As she goes through each question, additional information will be interspersed so every participant can benefit from the answer. 

At the end of the hour, the floor is opened up for any additional questions.


Register Here for Teleseminar: "Supplements - Making the Right Choice":

 All registrants will be able to listen/download the recording from your computer. The audio CD of the recording is also available (free shipping within the US and Canada**):

1) Register for teleseminar -- this allows you to listen to it from your computer or download it to your computer or mp3 player -- $15.00
2) Register for the teleseminar plus purchase the audio CD -- this allows you to listen/download plus you'll receive an audio CD (to play in your car or other CD player) -- $27.00
3) If previously registered, you can order just the CD -- $12.00


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**  Shipping for the audio CD is free within the U.S. or Canada.  Shipping to other international locations will incur an additional $3.50. You will receive an emailed invoice for this extra amount. 


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