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Listen to Dr. Juliet Getty, special guest on  Jim Swanner's, "All About Horses" radio program


Recordings are archived below for you to enjoy.  They are each 30 minutes in length. 


December 12, 2016  Why Free-Choice Forage Feeding Should Be the Only Choice for Your Horse”

January 9, 2017  "The Aging Horse - Growing Old with Dignity and in Good Health"

February 13, 2017  "Slow Feeders - Their Benefits and Correct Usage"

March 13, 2017  "How to Interpret Your Hay Analysis Report"

April 10, 2017  "Pasture - Is it good for YOUR horse?"

May 8, 2017  "Whole Foods - More than just hay!"

June 12, 2017  "All About Laminitis"