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Praise Hemp Performance 30%

Formerly known as "Hempseed Protein Fiber"

Hemp seeds are non-GMO. They support superior health in horses. 

Hempseed protein fiber is a complete, gluten free, alkaline forming plant protein with all 10 essential amino acids which are 65% highest quality globulin, edestin, and the rest albumin type protein which supports immune function, is easily digestible, and has no enzyme inhibitors like nuts, grains and legumes. Hempseed meal offers high quality protein, plus fiber in a palatable meal

Choose Hempseed protein fiber, with 10% Fat and 30% Protein, if you do not want your horse to have as many fat calories. 

The fat content of hemp seeds contains all the identified essential fatty acids, known as the omegas. Hemp seed oil provides not only Omega 3 and Omega 6, but Omega 9 as well. But what really sets Hemp seed oil apart from the other oils is that it provides GLA: gamma linolenic acid. Hemp seed plant based oilseed provides essential fatty acids: Linoleic acid (an omega 6) and alpha linolenic acid (an omega 3) in a 2.8:1 ratio of omega 6s to 3s. Though inverted in relation to what would be found in pasture grasses, hemp seed oil has an added "secret weapon" that is not commonly found: Gamma Linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is actually an omega 6 fatty acid, but, unlike other omega 6s that increase inflammation, GLA reduces it in humans, benefitting a wide array of chronic inflammatory-related illnesses including skin conditions, allergies, degenerative joint disease, heart disease, and diabetes. Although little research has been done on GLA in horses, it is reasonable to extrapolate its benefits to equine inflammatory conditions.

GLA is a regulator of the prostaglandins, the hormone-like substances that act as chemical messengers inside the cell. Their physiological effects include regulation of inflammation. There are two predominant prostaglandins: PGE-1 the anti-inflammatory prostaglandin and PGE-2 the pro-inflammatory prostaglandin. GLA increases production of PGE-1, thus reducing the levels of PGE-2. Hemp seed oil further provides GLA, antioxidants, and the ability to reduce muscle glycogen fatigue. To purchase hempseed oil, click here...

When whole hemp seeds are ground and some of the fat is removed, they becomes a nutritious whole food that offers high quality protein in a highly palatable form. This is very important to your horse because he requires enough essential amino acids (building blocks) to synthesize body proteins, including muscle, hooves, blood proteins, antibodies, skin, vital organs, hormones, and more. An important aspect of hemp protein is that it is a quality source of the amino acids arginine and histidine, both of which are important for growth, and of the sulfur-containing amino acids methionine and cysteine, both of which are needed in the production of vital enzymes, as well as keratin, the protein found in hooves and hair. If only one source of protein is fed (as with one type of grass hay), your horse will not get sufficient amino acids to stay healthy and peripheral tissues such as skin, hooves, and joints, will show signs of malnutrition. Hemp seeds offer all ten essential amino acids (those that must be in the diet) in proper proportion to be best utilized by the body. The quality of protein found in hemp seeds is so high in fact, that it rivals soybeans. 

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Hemp seed protein fiber is appropriate for:

Other Hemp Products:

Hemp Seed Oil - All the goodness of 100% Canadian cold-pressed hempseed oil, offering Gamma Linolenic Acid to reduce inflammation. 

Hemp Topping - also called "Hemp Fines" are a fragments of the hemp seed and hull. Fat - 43% with 30% Protein.  Choose this for adding extra protein and fat. 

Hemp Body Builder - a co-product of pressing hemp seed for oil. A thick, dense butter resembling a nut butter, rich in beneficial fat.  Fat - 65%  with 16% protein.  Choose this to add high amounts of energy from fat. 

Feeding instructions:  1/2 cup to 2 cups per day. Each 1/2 cup (weighs 90 grams) provides 31.5 grams of quality protein.  

Shelf Life:  2 to 2 1/2 years if stored properly (sealed container in a cool setting, out of direct sunlight) 

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Praise Performance 30% 

20 lb bag  (100 1/2 cup servings)  $119.95

SAVE a considerable amount with Two 20 lbs (200 1/2 cup servings)  $179.95

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All are low in %NSC -- perfect for all horses and especially those that need to be on a low sugar/low starch feeding regimen.

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