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Premium Magnesium Oxide (60% Mg)

Fine, white powder


When you need just magnesium, Premium Magnesium Oxide offers an easy, economical way to add this mineral to your horses diet.

Since is it a fine, white powder, it is best added to moistened feed, to avoid respiratory problems.

At 60% elemental magnesium, one scoop (holds 14.7 cc, equivalent to one Tablespoon), provides 10 grams (10,000 mg) of magnesium.

Magnesium is beneficial for muscle twitching and spasms, as well as behavioral issues attributable to inadequate amounts of magnesium in the diet. 

When combined with thiamin (vitamin B1) it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, creating a calming effect  -- consider MMX for this magnesium/B1 combination.

When combined with chromium, it benefits insulin resistant horses by reducing circulating insulin levels.  Consider Quiessence for this usage.

Please note: Premium Magnesium Oxide is not refundable.  

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Beet-E-Bites Cookies and Cookie Crumbles (to top dress for making meals more palatable)  Also take a look at  Equi-Pockets, made by Beet-e-Bites, with a special pocket for administering medications. 


All are low in %NSC -- perfect for all horses and especially those that need to be on a low sugar/low starch feeding regimen.

Chock Full'a Chia Biscuits - as a treat or as a convenient, tasty way to add chia to your horse's diet. High in Omega 3s, low in sugar/starch.

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Relaxation Music for Horses For Equine Well-Being, Composed by Janet Marlow

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Premium Magnesium Oxide (60% Mg) 

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