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Relaxation Music for Horses for Equine Well-Being

Composed by Janet Marlow

Available on CD

Relaxation Music for Hores is special frequency modified music clinically tested to reduce stress and calm equine behaviors. It calms horses with anxiety behaviors, thunderstorm agitations, noise phobias, barn time and training, trailer transport, grooming, farrier and vet visits and for trail rides.

The original music is designed by internationally recognized composer and researcher, Janet Marlow, credited for the concept of species-specific music based on the hearing ranges of dogs, cats, horses and birds. The music is clinically proven and endorsed by veterinarians.  


Why this Music Works...

This music has been composed and recorded by a specific process for your horses' needs. Low and high frequencies can cause stress and anxiety in horses. The frequency range of the music has been modified for your horses' hearing sensitivities.  It is the mastering process that brings the music into the center of the hearing range of your horse, which elicits calm from them in their environment.


Why it is so important to reduce stress....

Stress, both physical and mental, can affect your horses' health in a variety of ways.  Stress reduces immune function, making your horse more susceptible to getting ill.  This is especially important when your horses are traveling to unfamiliar settings and are exposed to other horses.  Stress can also make it difficult for your horse to recover from an illness or injury.  Prolonged stress can lead to ulcers, and even weight problems (both weight gain and the inability to lose weight). 

A horse's natural instinct is to roam freely with members of its herd.  Most domestic  horses do not have the opportunity to do this and may endure long hours confined in a stall.  Having music that is especially designed for relaxation, will make these hours more comfortable for your horse and will help his mental and emotional well-being. 

There are many other circumstances when you will find this music helpful.  Here are a few and perhaps you have your own ideas (which I would enjoy hearing about!): 

Therapeutic Riding Sessions

During Grooming 

Barn Time 

Farrier and Dentist Sessions 

For Calming during Veterinary Visits 

During Massage 

Environment for Healing

In Trailers during transporting

Masking Thunder Storms


The CD has 57 minutes of music, featuring the music and ten-string guitar of Janet Marlow:

Track 1: Free to Run 3:44  Listen to sample here...
Track 2: Morning Groom 7:26
Track 3: On the Trail 4:59
Track 4: Dreams of Fields 7:35
Track 5: Desert Sunset 6:56
Track 6: Stable Siesta 5:23  Listen to sample here...
Track 7: Ride for a Friend
Track 8: Afternoon Trot 4:37  Listen to sample here...
Track 9: Hooves Grooves 6:14
Track 10: Saddling Up 4:12


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