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SU-PER®  suBstitUTE
powder - rice hull base/no flavoring

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Guaranteed per serving:  MSM - 10,000 mg, Yucca - 6,000 mg, Devil's Claw - 5,000 mg (not appropriate for pregnant mares), Grape Seed Extract/Bromelain/Salix Alba (willow bark) -- 500 mg each, Curcumin (turmeric extract: anti-inflammatory agent) -- 275 mg, Ginger Root/Black Cohosh -- 100 mg each, Vitamin B12 - 5000 mcg.

SU-PER®  suBstitUTE is a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory nutrients, designed to lessen the need to Bute.  A proprietary blend of Devils Claw, MSM, Yucca Extract, Salix Alba (willow bark), and several other herbal extracts, designed to give the most complete natural anti-inflammatory support available from a drug-free source.  Base is rice hulls and calcium and calcium carbonate. 

Serving size:  1 ounce daily for maintenance.  2 to 3 ounces daily for severe conditions.


I have had much success from this product.  Here is what one client had to say about using Su-Per Substitute:

Dr. Getty,
          A few weeks ago I wrote for your advice about supplements for my senior, arthritic gelding.  You recommended  SuBstitUTE.  Hooray!  I think it kicked in.  I started giving him both at the very beginning of August, and he is much better.  About 2 weeks ago Buck still had quite a bit of trouble with his bad front leg, so I began the SuBstitUTE 2X/day instead of one; I also gave him one gram of Bute for two days, but that was all, since I really hate giving him drugs, per say.   But now his is Bute free and will continue to be as long as I can absolutely do it.  What a joy to see him trotting and cantering without lameness.  By the way, I also try to remember to do some stretching with Buck as often as I can.
                                                                      P.Cialone and Buck, Houston, TX


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SU-PER® suBstitUTE
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 25 lb       $289.95   400 one-ounce servings;  200 two-ounce servings - New lower price!
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