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Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Book Series

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Feed Your Horse Like A Horse


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Spotlight on Equine Nutrition topics are based on selected popular teleseminars by Dr. Juliet M. Getty. Delving more deeply into material introduced in Dr. Getty's resource book, Feed Your Horse Like A Horse, and covered in her popular teleseminar series, these books offer you a concise, easy to read, "how to" approach on each subject. They are rich in information that is hard to find in one place, along with answers to questions, recommendations on relevant supplements, and guidelines that you can put to immediate use. 

Seven Topic-Focused Editions:

Equine Digestion 

Cushing's Disease

Joint Health

Whole Foods

Aging Horse - 2nd edition

Easy Keeper


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Equine Digestion - It's Decidedly Different

Equine digestion is the very foundation of your horses' health:  the physiology of the horse's digestive system. So many aspects of horse health depend on the horse's "person" understanding the reasons that compel the horse's natural diet and eating habits, and many complex health problems can be prevented or alleviated through a deeper understanding of how horses are made on the inside. This book explains the function and form of the digestive tract and shows you how to feed in sync with the say your horse is made. The information presented here will empower you to make the right choices for your horse so you won't need to rely on your neighbor, or your feed store clerk, or "conventional wisdom," or even traditional practices for such vital decision-making. You will know the right way to feed and you'll be able to talk knowledgeably to those involved with your horse's care. 


  • Anatomy of the entire gastrointestinal tract
  • Comparison between dogs, cow, humans and horses
  • What's best - hay or grain first?
  • What happens in the stomach?
  • How is fat processed without a gallbladder?
  • What are the functions of the pancreas?
  • Is all fiber the same (there are five types!)?
  • What happens in the cecum?
  • Where do ulcers occur and why?
  • What causes sphincters to weaken?
  • Digestion changes as horses age
  • What's in manure?
  • Four steps of feeding forage free-choice
66 pages.  ISBN  9781493544622 $14.95  




Equine Cushing's Disease - Nutritional Management

Equine Cushing's disease is an incurable disorder common in older horses. The symptoms come on gradually, but can be devastating to a horse's quality of life. It is a progressive disorder that can lead to fatal infections, colic, muscle wasting, and laminitis. The good news, though, is that nutritional management can slow the disease progression and greatly improve the quality of life for the horse with Cushing's disease.

In this volume of her Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series, Dr. Juliet M. Getty explains the science of the disease mechanism, discusses common veterinary options, and offers valuable advice on appropriate nutritional intervention, a key component in the treatment of equine Cushing's disease. Her answers to questions from owners of horses with Cushing's will be of help to many who struggle to better the lives of their suffering horses. 


    • How to successfully feed for weight loss
    • Understanding hormonal cascade of normal and diseased states
    • Appropriate supplements to lower circulating insulin levels
    • How Pergolide and herbal choices work
    • Explanation of oxidative stress and how to avoid it
 pages.  ISBN  9781492147862  $14.95  

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Joint Health - A Nutritional Perspective

Joints, like all tissues in the body, rely on nutrients for maintenance and repair. The horse's body prioritizes its use of nutrients, first supporting vital organs - heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and brain -- then giving what nutrients are left over to the rest of the anatomy. It is vitally important that the horse's diet include sufficient nutrients t make it all the way to the organs at the end of the body's hierarchy, the joints. Supplementing for joint health without first establishing a nutritional foundation is a waste of effort and money. 



  • Differentiating between joint supplements
  • Role of vitamin C, omega 3s and quality protein
  • Whole foods and herbal treatments
  • Curcumin and its benefits
  • Anatomy of joint and joint injections

40 pages.  ISBN 9781490369051  $14.95  

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Whole Foods & Alternative Feeds

Variety is not simply the spice of life for a horse; it's the key to his good health. In this transcribed and edited teleseminar, Dr. Getty discusses the many benefits of adding whole foods -- from berries to nuts -- to round out the horse's diet for optimal health. 



  • Grass, the perfect whole food
  • Incredible treats
  • Foods to avoid
  • Making your own meals
  • Foods for certain health problems
  • Understanding omegas

       44 pages. ISBN  9781483969992   




Aging Horse: Help Your Horse Grow Old with Dignity and in Health

Second edition - Expanded and Updated!

The aged horse has so much to offer: wisdom, experience, and confidence, to name a few attributes. Helping him grow old in good health and with dignity is a gift every horse owner hopes to be able to bestow. In this expanded version, Dr. Getty covers all the elements you need to know about feeding your horse to foster his longevity and prolong his usefulness. 

  • Digestion inefficiency with age
  • Changes in hindgut bacterial population
  • Body composition
  • Helping the underweight horse
  • The obese horse
  • Slowing the progression of arthritis
  • Reduced liver and kidney function
  • Respiratory and immune-related functions
  • Guidelines, with specific supplement and nutrient suggestions

      48 pages. ISBN  9781492732174   


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Easy Keeper: Making it Easy to Keep Him Healthy

Equine obesity is a difficult yet highly common issue all over the world. This issue looks at the causes, prevention, and solutions to this problem. Research of equine obesity started with studies on human obesity, looking at elements like hormonal responses and the effect of exercise. Then the research moved to horses, and lo and behold, found that the drivers of weight issues for people are, for the most part, the same as for horses. The Easy Keeper offer four keys to successful equine weight management that not only work, but bring benefits far beyond reducing the horse's girth. 

  • Insulin and leptin resistance
  • Body fat and inflammation
  • Pasture grazing
  • Foods to avoid
  • The Four Keys: Losing weight the right way

      44 pages. ISBN 9781483956800  





Laminitis: A Scientific and Realistic Approach

All too many horse owners and managers have dealt with the heartbreaking dilemma of laminitis and, all too often unnecessarily, laminitis has brought an end to a promising equine career. In these pages, noted expert Dr. Juliet M. Getty guides the reader through the causes and treatments of laminitis, and offers prevention strategies plus practical solutions that can return a stricken horse to a useful, healthy life. 

    • Insulin resistance - what, how, and why
      • Peventing relapses and chronic laminitis
        • Hormonal responses to physical and mental stress
          • Supplements to help cure laminitis and prevent further episodes
            • Obesity and role in laminitis

            40 pages. ISBN  9781483956169   


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                Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. is an internationally respected writer and lecturer on equine nutrition. She is the former Nutrition Editor for the Horse Journal, and her comprehensive reference book, Feed Your Horse Like a Horse, has educated countless horsemen and women in the science behind sound equine feeding practices.   Her informative e-newsletter, Forage for Thought, is read by several thousand subscribers every month; she is also available for private consultations. Dr. Getty offers a generous serving of other equine nutrition knowledge at



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