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Personal Phone Visits - Comprehensive Consultation

Dr. Getty will call within the U.S., and English-speaking international locations. Click Here for more details about what a consultation entails...

Your visit with Dr. Getty is thorough and comprehensive.  Preparation beforehand involves reviewing and compiling information to gain a full understanding of your horse's health needs. You  will talk with Dr. Getty at length (generally 1 to 1 1/2 hours) going over your horse's needs and how they fit into your lifestyle, budget, and time constraints. Finally, if desired, Dr. Getty will produce a written report summarizing your visit, along with recommendations, that you may share with your veterinarian, trainer, barn manager, and others involved in your horse's care.  The goal is to provide you with a customized plan that will result in better health for your horse.

One horse (or group of horses with the same situation) is generally discussed at a time. For multiple horses with several health problems, more than one appointment may be needed.     

Prior to visiting, credit/debit card information will be requested. The total time used will be always be indicated prior to charging your card.




$240/hr for an individual horse 

or group of horses. Time allotted includes prior review of blood work or hay analysis reports (if applicable) and actual time visiting. 

Your entire consultation may encompass the following (based on your horses' needs):

  • Prior review of blood work, and/or hay analysis reports.
  • Phone visit (generally takes 60 to 90 minutes) discussing your horse's circumstances, in detail, where a comprehensive, customized feeding plan will be developed to reverse illness and maintain health 
  • Mineral balance evaluation, if needed. 
  • Evaluating your forage (pasture and hay) for feed value, sugar/starch levels, calories, mineral balance, and suitability for your horse.
  • A follow-up email outlining recommendations. 
  • Email access for brief follow-up questions (Most often, free of charge if the question requires less than 10 minutes); See Follow-up description below for more extensive needs.)



Follow-up short visit**:

After a long consultation, this short visit will be used to review lab results, evaluate hay analysis report, provide additional analysis, fine-tune recommendations, or answer additional questions. 

Other short services:

-- Comprehensive Hay analysis evaluation 

-- Pre-purchase blood test review and nutrition history review

-- Email conversation for a specific need 

** Charges will be pro-rated based on the amount of time you need. 


 $120/30 minutes  (or pro-rated at $240/hour if the discussion time is different than 30 minutes)


Long Follow-up to re-evaluate feeding plan

This type of follow-up visit is generally required when it has been more than three months and less than a year since the initial visit. It involves going over changes in your horse's health, environment, and/or diet that warrant a fresh look at the circumstances influencing your horse's overall health.  A written summary is provided.




Mineral Evaluation and Balancing

All feeds, supplements, and forages will be included to provide numerical values of the diet's content.  A pasture and/or hay analysis report must be provided. 

Please note: This is a detailed, written report, providing information about the mineral content of your horse's diet. It is not  intended to  take the place of a consultation. 

If you wish to balance individual minerals for your horse, specific instructions will be provided. It will be necessary to use a gram scale. Click Here for a quality precision balance by Brecknell scales. 




(Mineral balance discussion is often included with consultation but not a comprehensive, written report). This usually take one hour for the average horse diet.



Group presentations or workshops



For private, group presentations, there is a nominal honorarium, depending on the type of presentation requested, along with travel expenses. 

60 - 120 minute local presentations: $150 - $300

Longer visits, seminars or workshops vary according to need -- $500 to $1500.

Please contact Dr. Juliet Getty directly at

or call 940-272-0001 with the details of your event and group needs. 



Hourly Rates and general consultations

For larger groups of horses, the consultation process is the same as described above for an individual horse with time spent prior to prepare for your horses' cases, time on the phone, email or Skype to provide a thorough evaluation, followed by the production of a written summary outlining the recommendations. Depending on the number of horses, there will be more than one visit scheduled.  

General consultations for product evaluation and development, and other special requirements, also incur an hourly fee. 






Live Phone Visits

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Would You Like More Information or wish to arrange for a Phone Visit?

If you have requested an appointment for a consultation, Dr. Juliet Getty will contact you within 24 hours to arrange for a convenient time.  Consultations are fee-based ($240/hr)  Click Here for more information on consultations.

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